About Us

Mission Statement

Inspiring and educating all to become responsible, resilient, self-advocating learners in a safe environment.

General Overview

Holderness Central School is one of seven K-8 schools in SAU #48, subsequently, the students will attend Plymouth Regional High School with a small number of students going on to attend several regional prep schools.   The Holderness Central School continues to be a center of pride for the town of Holderness, providing a public education for all those who live in the community.  The town is also host to a prestigious private school, The Holderness School, which educates students from grades 9 -12.   Together both schools provide an enriching educational setting and are closely linked to an epicenter of higher education at Plymouth State University.


Holderness Central School is a small rural public school in the north central part of the state.   The school is governed by its own school board and is part of the SAU #48 school district.  Over the past several years, the school demographics have changed slightly as the student enrollment has been on a steady decline.   However, the current enrollment has remained steady over two years.  These current trends have not impacted the long term history of community support for the school and the educational programs offered to the students.