K-2 Classrooms

Mrs. Liz Chafee


We are going to have so much fun learning and exploring new things together this year! 

Mrs. Linda MacNeil

First Grade

First grade is a time for excitement, joy and a shared enthusiasm for learning!

Through the Responsive Classroom approach and a safe and supportive learning environment, your child will be presented with opportunities to grow socially, emotionally and as an active learner. 

Language Arts: First grade is also a time that your child will begin to see himself/herself as a reader and writer! Each day your child will be immersed in reading and writing through the Wonders reading program, guided reading groups and Fundations, the Wilson Language Basics program.

Math: Into Math, our first grade math program focuses on the development of skills through hands-on instruction and practice. The units include: Ways to Add and Subtract, Problem Solving and Data, Numbers to 120, Addition and Subtraction in Base Ten, Geometry and Measurement. 

Science: The topics include: Seeing and Hearing, Animals and Plants, and Up in The Sky.

Social Studies: These topics are framed around family, school and community with an emphasis on respect, trust, caring, family and responsibility. Other topics include famous people, holidays and traditions.

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Mrs. Beth Allain

Second Grade

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