Unified Arts

Mrs. Veronica King

K-8 Art &  5-8 Computer Education

The main goal  is that children create works of art that are innovative, engaging and meaningful. For grades K-2 students will work with a variety of materials and tools to create artwork that is interesting and purposeful.  Students will learn an array of art vocabulary and be introduced to different artists. Students will then be able to use the vocabulary to describe their artwork. Grades 3-5 will work collaboratively to create art with a variety of materials. They will learn about different artists and have meaningful discussions about their art.  Middle school curriculum will focus on demonstrating new ideas, materials, and methods when creating works of art.  They will demonstrate a willingness to take risks and be open to new ideas while creating art.

Mrs. Stephanie Finnegan


The library program at HCS is designed to promote literacy and a love of reading. We strive to ensure that students are effective users of ideas and information, and are equipped with the skills necessary to become life-long learners. Students in Kindergarten – 5th grade visit the library on a weekly basis for library skills lessons, story sharing and to borrow materials. Middle School students are invited AND encouraged to visit the library independently to borrow reading materials as well as for class research. The library offers a variety of print resources as well as access to hundreds of online books, magazines and a vast array of online databases.

Mrs. Chandra Hazelton


Music is a team effort! The goal for music class is for everyone to have a successful experience. The state and national standards for Music Education are presented at each grade level with the idea that the knowledge will be built upon in the subsequent grade levels. The K-4 curriculum uses First Steps in Music and Conversational Solfege and  is designed to teach students to be Tuneful, Beatful, and Artful.  The curriculum focuses on basic musical concepts including: beat, rhythm, meter, tempo, melody, harmony, composition, improvisation, and history. These concepts are taught through the use of signing, movement, instruments, performance and general academic learning. Beginning in 5th grade students choose to be in band or chorus. The curriculum for grades 5-8 focuses on building and expanding upon their knowledge of music fundamentals and history through the study and performance of their band and choral literature. 

Mr. Zack Morse

Physical Education & Health

In K-2 PE students focus on learning different ways to move their bodies. They will learn locomotor and non-locomotor skills such as run, jog, skip, leap, bend, stretch, etc. They will be introduced to new types of equipment while learning manipulative skills such as overhand throw, kick, roll, etc. Skills will be taught and reinforced through age appropriate activities that also focus on spatial awareness and gross motor skills (balance and coordination, hand-eye coordination, patterning).

In 3-5 PE students will begin to learn the importance of physical activity and personal fitness. Fitness is developed through the activities in lessons which emphasize high amounts of physical activity, and continuous movement. Students are provided with opportunities to understand the fitness components, and the need for a lifetime of physical activity. They will be introduced to strategies of sports and games and how they relate or differ from each other. 

Middle school physical education continues to emphasize the importance of physical activity and personal fitness throughout the school year. Students will most importantly play during gameplay but also learn different roles of sport. They will have the opportunity to be a player, score keeper, coach and official. The goal is to have students find something they like to do and continue to be active outside of school.

Mrs. Janna Swanson

School Counselor & Wellness

My name is Janna Swanson and I am the school counselor and Wellness teacher here at Holderness Central School (HCS).  Wellness class is part of the HCS Unified Arts Program and is a key component of our comprehensive school counseling program.  Students participate in Wellness class grades kindergarten through eighth.  The Wellness curricula isaligned with the American School Counselor Association standards and focuses on the personal, social, emotional, and academic growth and development of all students.  The purpose of incorporating Wellness into the classroom is to impart specific skills and learning opportunities through academic and personal/social experiences in a proactive manner for all students.

Mrs. Audra Sullivan


The Holderness Central Elementary School Spanish program provides an introduction to the language and cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.  Students in the Spanish Enrichment Program acquire language through interactive games, storytelling, and songs.  Our curriculum incorporates auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles.  The kindergarten through second grade curriculum is composed of three, year long thematic units which focus on Food, Family and Animals.  Students in grades 3-5 are given the opportunity to study one specific Spanish-speaking country in depth, for the entire year.  When we focus on one country, we give our students the opportunity to delve beyond the superficial and stereotypical, and learn about its people, history, culture, and traditions. 

Middle school students acquire language through comprehensible input: Somos Spanish Curriculum, to prepare for the high school level Spanish.   Please click on the link below to read about language acquisition through comprehensible input strategies. Our goal for HCS students is to ignite an interest in foreign cultures, beliefs and traditions, to help them become globally minded citizens, in our increasingly connected world.